the wind whispers her name

the wind whispers her name

16x24 - Available on silk paper, metal or canvas


I was out walking in the pasture, taking my camera had become normal by then. My big goal was to capture some rare moments with the horses while they grazed, doing whatever it is that they do when they are left alone...


Several of our horses had become my go to models since they usually created the best images... and Honey was one of those. 

Just her walking by with the wind blowing in her mane and she creates beauty... those dapples, how her tones of color change with the light, and the wind softly lifted her mane off her neck and shoulders... and the moment froze when I snapped the shutter... 


I can still hear the wind softly whispering that day when I look at this photograph, the other horses footsteps as they walk on by... so much peace in this little slice of heaven... I love every minute that I can spend time with them, and I'm happy to share that time with you with the photographs I offer. 


The Silk Paper will come with a Gatorboard backing to avoid rippling when the image is framed.


All pieces include shipping within the US. Other locations please contact me for shipping quotes. 

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