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The Longhorn

The Longhorn

15x30 on professional photo paper with gatorboard backing (Other mediums and prices available upon request)


It was a cold, wet day in April, early in the morning we gathered at the fair grounds for a local event to talk about the designated highway that goes through our town. The story goes that Texas Ranchers would drive their cattle up through our area, taking a specific trail, as they headed to Montana for green pastures. That trail is now a street just off the highway called Cattle Trail, aptly named, dont you think? 


I had a booth inside with loads of images that I was offering for those who wanted to take home a piece of Kansas. I decided to take a break during one of the speeches and quietly sneak out for some photos... thats when I saw her... The Longhorn... 


She could have easily been one of the many longhorns that had been driven up from TX and just passing through, enjoying a bit of water and rest at one of the local pens, she could have been.


Her long horns seemed so intimidating but her eyes were soft as she watched me... she had a wisdom about her, like she would tell stories all day long if she could talk, stories that you would want to sit down and listen too, to drink it all in... 


I snapped away, doing my best to get photos in spite of the fence panels that divided us. I was able to get a couple of images that I could work with, this being one of them and the one I chose.  


Her owner soon came to load her and the others with her into a stalk trailer, and I stood in amazement... I had always wondered how they were able to load and unload from a trailer when their horns were so long! He opened the door, and she stepped in, turning her head so her horns would go in first, all wise and all knowing. How wonderfully wise God makes creation!


All pieces include shipping within the US. Other locations please contact me for shipping quotes. 

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