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Mustang Portrait #3

Mustang Portrait #3

16x20 - Available on silk paper, metal or canvas


Several years ago, I had the honor of visiting a ranch that houses and cares for a large group of wild Mustangs... it truly was an honor to be allowed to visit these beautiful creatures.


While I loved seeing these horses, and was totally in awe of them, I have to give you some warning and advice, if you know of a location that is housing mustangs, do NOT try to "visit" the horses without the Land Owner present, they are still wild and can be spooked easily, going through fences, getting hurt etc. Be respectful for what the Rancher is doing to protect these beautiful animals. 


Now, our experience... as we stepped out of the pickup of the Land Owner, the number of mustangs that we could see were more than I could count... they had drilled green wheat that had been planted just for them to graze and they had thousands of acres to roam, I felt as though we had stepped into another world... it took my breath away... 


There were several bands within the location, one of them came up to us as we waited patiently to see what they would do... many of these horses were once someone's horse that was turned out into the wild for whatever reason and became part of the wild herd. 


I felt like a little girl at Christmas again, like this was a dream come true... I was able to pet, and scratch a few of them, respectfully keeping my distance and only offering my hand if asked. 


The dynamics between the herds is well earned, fought for, and held firm. Just like any herd, wild or not. There is a "Boss" and horses within that herd understand who is in charge. So being aware of what they are "speaking" to each other is vital for safety. I have to say, I hope one day soon, we will be able to return and see them one more time. 


 I will have more Mustang Portraits added to the site soon, so stay tuned.  


The Silk Paper will come with a Gatorboard backing to avoid rippling when the image is framed.


All pieces include shipping within the US. Other locations please contact me for shipping quotes.