Melting Sun

Melting Sun

16x24 - Available on silk paper, metal or canvas (30x40 available upon request)


My Resen, my Black Beauty, aka "Ima Air Force Too"... Funny thing is, when I saw her in the ring at an auction as a long yearling, I knew I had to have her, no questions asked. Was she papered? I have no idea and don't care. Hold is she? I have no idea and I don't care. 


The "resen" for all of this is because she reminded me SO much of the mare I grew up with in Michigan and had to leave behind when I moved to Kansas. Yes, I found her an amazing home where she was well loved, but this one, this long weanling, was just like her in so many ways. 


Once her price was payed, and we got the papers in the mail, I couldn't believe my eyes, she had the same bloodlines as my mare back home! 


She has given many lessons, taught many riders from young and old how to have soft hands and proper balance when they ride (she wont do what's asked unless you have both of those first). And she is smooth as glass with a stop that you better hold onto because she drops her butt into the ground so fast. 


Now that she is older, early 20's as of this writing, she is mostly retired and enjoying life and pretty much whatever she wants to do... kind of like a melting sun, that is brilliant till the end... she is still here and loving life, but her wild and fun days are stories now... and that's okay with me... she deserves the best of the best forever. 

The Silk Paper will come with a Gatorboard backing to avoid rippling when the image is framed.


All pieces include shipping within the US. Other locations please contact me for shipping quotes. 

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