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    24x16 - Available on silk paper, metal or canvas and in color or monotone


    Freckles, aka O'Lenas Fancy Freckle, was a treasure all day long... we purchased her from a sale barn  when she was only about eight or nine months old. My intent was to raise her up for a year, and then resell her, which was our business protocol. However, my husband fell in love with her... so much so, that he claimed her as his own. 


    Now, you have to understand, as much as Sexy loves me, and loves horses, and has ridden in the past... he does NOT have time for such things because of the workload he is under. So him claiming her as his own was a bit of a shock to me. The "horse" part of our farming operation has always been something that "I" do, and he pitches in when he can. 


    Well... little Miss Freckles... became a very important part of our operation, giving lessons, LOVING everyone who would love her, and just a joy to be around. Her gaits (I always go back to conformation and gaits) were super smooth, just like Resen, and she seemed to always have a smile on her face. 


    Her bloodlines told us that she should be a wonderful cow horse as she was a 95% Foundation bred Quarter Horse... but after watching her as a mount at our local college rodeo we decided that she preferred the "pleasure" arena more. Thus, she was bred to an AQHA Western Pleasure stallion, and the result of that one and only breeding... hmm... I smile... the result is our now stallion, Face It Im A Star, (aka Hot Shotters) who has produced some beautiful babies for us. 


    She passed on her quiet temperament to Hot Shot, and that is the only reason he remained a stallion... He has her quiet eyes, the kind that look through your soul and understands everything about you, you know? 


    Oh, and Freckles was a camera hog! Every single time I'd go out to the pasture to work on getting photos of the horses, she would see me from hundreds of yards away and come and stand right in front of the camera and pose! Yep, she was one of my favorite horses to photograph, and to love. 


    I hope you will enjoy this picture of Freckles for your own. I am so pleased to share this little mare with you.


    The Silk Paper will come with a Gatorboard backing to avoid rippling when the image is framed. All pieces include shipping within the US. Other locations please contact me for shipping quotes. 

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