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Crossing the Road

Crossing the Road

16x20 - Available on silk paper, metal or canvas


Yes, I did it. I honestly did it. I named this one 'Crossing the road'! And we've all had a good laugh because of it, and why not?! If we don't laugh and have fun, then life is too boring and dull, and when you live with animals, its anything but! 


When Sexy and I got married, I insisted that we get some chickens, I grew up with farm fresh eggs (another story for another time) and knew that they were a must! After all, we lived on a farm and in the country. Bless his heart, my sweet husband said yes and helped me make it happen. 


As a result, our girls have always been truly free range chickens, eating the scraps from the kitchen that I give them as well as having layer mash and fresh water. (They LOVE watermelon!) And we have had a wonderful abundance of delicious bright yellow yoked eggs for the last 20+ years as a result. 


I digress... 


So while I'm out with the camera, experimenting on settings and working to fine tune my skills, one of our girls starts walking towards me and crossing the roadway that leads out to our big pasture... I stooped down and snapped the photo, so really, you can see, the name fits the image perfectly. ... she was actually crossing a road.


The Silk Paper will come with a Gatorboard backing to avoid rippling when the image is framed.


All pieces include shipping within the US. Other locations please contact me for shipping quotes. 

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