Cowboy Cadillac

Cowboy Cadillac

16x24 - Available on silk paper, metal or canvas and in color or monotone


Honey, aka In Honor Of... that beautiful buckskin mare standing there staring at the camera... she has been such a wonderful gift to us, and now to others as well. 


She was born on our farm, one of two foals that we had bred for that year, and she was a treasure from day one. Her trainer asked about her for many years after he brought her home, wondering how she was doing and would mention 'if only I had the money..." and his voice would trail off. 


She was born on Memorial Day weekend, and so her registered name had to be left open, "In Honor Of" all those who have served and given their all for the freedom that we enjoy. There are so many hero's in our life, and no way to pick just one, so it was decided, In Honor Of would be her name, no questions asked. 


Now, Honey, aka In Honor Of, is enjoying a life of being spoiled and riding the pastures checking on the herds of sheep that surround her, she is in heaven, and has a palomino sweetheart to keep her company.


The Silk Paper will come with a Gatorboard backing to avoid rippling when the image is framed.


All pieces include shipping within the US. Other locations please contact me for shipping quotes. 

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