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Above the Chaos

Above the Chaos


(Look for future prints of Above The Chaos)

Do you remember what you dreamt of becoming as a child? Most likely it was something fun, exciting, rewarding, or just plane crazy... The dreams that we all had as children were the beginning of who we were suppose to be when we grew up... 


But then, life got in the way. We were told we shouldn't think on such things, that we need to "find a real job", we needed an education so we could make money so we could pay bills, so we could save money, ... so we could go out and do what we enjoyed doing to start with... crazy isn't it? 


In this painting, I wanted to try and capture that bit of childhood imagination that inspired us, the memories of flying a kite, or playing in the sand, going for walks and picking flowers... I wanted to help us remember what we dreamt of in years gone bye... because its never too late to start your childhood wish of becoming who you wanted to be when you grew up... we just have to reach "Above the Chaos" and listen to the whispers of our heart and where it leads. 


"Above the Chaos" 


Original, one of a kind oil on gallery wrapped splined canvas 


24 x 20 x 1.5 (does not need framed)


Includes shipping within the US.

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