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About Bonnie Stasser, Artist

Bonnie Stasser with camera, outdoors in green space

Lets see, what can I say about myself without writing a book of stories that will bore you to death…  Let’s focus on art and how it started and where I am now… the rest can come at a later time, maybe in a blog or something down the road. 


For today the “about” that you want to know, I’m quite sure, is who I am and why you should care, right? 


Well, my name is Bonnie Stasser, and I am an Artist, amongst many other titles that I wear, including but not limited to, an equine addict, wife, mother, and child of the King of Kings.

I began my journey in art at the young age of three… yes, three… that is when I watched our greatest family Artist, my Aunt Tyyne, create magic on the canvas… she picked up a color with her brush and created something that was not there before, and I just could not get enough, I was Hooked! She was creating magic! I kept telling her to keep doing more so I could see what happened! Lol … even at that young age, I knew that is what I wanted to do… to create magic like she did… little did I know how deeply this visit with her would mold me into who I am today… and still, creating magic. 


I grew up surrounded by Artists of different talents within my family. It seemed like every woman I was related to, created masterpieces in some way… whether it was in the garden, in the kitchen, or in the sewing room… art, in some form, was a way of life. In fact, my sister and I would sit at the kitchen table and have drawing competitions all the time.

Bonnie Stasser studio photo
Bonnie Stasser with horse

So you would think that becoming an Artist would be easy, right? Oh if only… 


You know how life gets in the way and you forget your childhood dreams? Yeah, me too. 

I had many mountains to climb to become the person God wanted me to be, and I’m still a work in progress myself. 


It wasn’t until several years ago, that I finally said out loud, “I am an Artist”, and felt secure in making that statement. I have taken classes in art;  in high school as well as afterwards, but it wasn’t until my first painting sold to an acquaintance on Facebook, that I started to dream again… of fulfilling my purpose and passion of creating art for a living… and it felt so right! 


Even after that painting, and many others sold, I chose to delve into Photography and to learn that craft… I can’t really explain it, except, it was this yearning, this drive, to learn something new, that fascinated me. So, I took photography classes like they were going out of style, invested in the best cameras I could buy, all the top editing programs, and began that wonderful journey. 

Now, I have come full circle and use many of my photographs as inspiration for my paintings. My favorite medium to work with is oil, and I’m still pushing the boundaries on this as well…why? … because there is Always something more. Always. And I see my artwork as a journey, like magic to be explored, and I love having the freedom to do just that, explore the adventure that is sitting in front of me, digging deep into my id ego and finding what is buried there then presenting it on the canvas, page, or locket… wherever and whatever it may be, I see it all as a journey into the magic of my life's adventure. 


I have enjoyed this journey with my sweet husband, who has been one of my biggest supporters through it all… my Cowboy, whom I lovingly call “Sexy”, and my partner in this life and beyond. Everyone needs someone like that in their life, don’t they? 


I not only hope you will enjoy my work, but that you will ask yourself as well, what adventure, what journey, calls to your own heart. Be sure to let me know what you find, and if I helped open a new chapter for you, I'd love to know what it looks like for you. 

Bonnie Stasser with husband
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